Business Development Manager

I'm a driven professional interested in three things: Business, Philanthropy and Book Recommendations (business / self help)

My career is an Ecommerce Sales Director. My hobby is Freelance Marketing. Going by Malcolm Gladwell's standards, I am an eBay expert with more than 10 years (10,000+ Hours) of eBay business management and sales. 

My competencies include: Web development, Ecommerce Operations, Scaling an online store, managing social media effectively, social media marketing, building a domain portfolio, selling products or services, marketing strategy, business SEO, product photography, photo editing, business/self help book recommendations (I'm an infinite learner), customer service, research, a mentality mirroring those in the 1% club, and an abundance of additional key assets...let's talk!

My current role fits me well. As the Director of Online Sales, I am responsible for managing all aspects of the ecommerce operations. In 2016, we were just shy of one million dollars. (Still not over it)

I firmly believe in chasing dreams and developing a purpose in life. There's no substitute for hard work. But there is a difference between working hard and working smart. Success is earned, learned, and a result of action. I'm obsessed with hearing the dreams and aspirations of small business owners. I could talk about it for hours.

Let's inspire the world!


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